The focus of the expert network exprobico is not limited to any one sector. In fact, we use a comprehensive approach to choose the competences and questions from the exprobico database that fit your specific requests and personal goals to:


  • Generate a customized probico-check
  • Measure competences in the respective competence landscapes with the probico-check
  • Enable comparable orientation for competence development
  • To promote competence-oriented organization of learning and prove its benefits efficiently
  • To provide every single person with individual feedback based on the results of their probico-check.


The probico-diagnostics and the probico-check have been successfully applied in various fields such as companies, universities and schools.

The process development is based on tried and tested process knowledge and profound expertise in various fields.

The data collection and transmission of answers is handled via a digital pen or a web-based computer application. The exprobico program quickly provides an analysis. Experts accompany you on your path of developing competences via coaching, training and organization of change processes.