The probico-check is not only an innovative method for career and university orientation, it also provides support for successful personnel selection and development. Ultimately, it is quality assurance for your company.


How does the probico-check work?


  • 360 degrees probico-diagnostics
  • Generation of competence landscapes
  • Determination of a target range for the adaptability of expected competences
  • Establishment of an individual probico-check via exprobico question and scenario systems
  • Orientation towards individual competence levels via personal feedback
  • Clearly presented, graphic analysis of the probico-check and expected values


  • Probico-check via skaiforms® as a dynamic solution for form-based data collection
  • Use of a digital pen for filling out the probico-check or
  • Use of a web-based application
  • Data transmission initiates automatic evaluations
  • There are over 100 different competences available in a database with over 5000 questions and scenarios
  • Dynamic database, every additional use case complements the underlying data and validates it
  • Presentation of the results compressed in an exprobico radar chart
  • Individual and personal feedback as a fixed process component


  • Recognizing context-based potential
  • Discovering and using undetected competences and talents
  • Making effects and impacts of vocational education and training measurable with aligned progress measurements
  • Providing orientation for careers and professional development paths
  • Supporting competence-oriented self-management
  • Supporting situational leadership and decision-making behavior
  • Reducing complexities in vocational education and training
  • Increasing efficiency in vocational education and training