Competence Manager advanced training course

In cooperation with UNIservice TU Ilmenau Service GmbH


Participants will receive a certificate from the TU Ilmenau’s Central Institute for Continuing Education.



Face-to-face courses usually take place in conference hotels / academic event centres; they can also be organized as in-house events.


Modules / contents

Got to TU Ilmenau



This advanced training course is provided by exprobico’s Prof. Frank. Exprobico is an expert network for careers, training and competence and the various modules will be taught by Prof. Frank accompanied by the network's experts.


Start of the course

The timetable and the start of the course depend on the needs of the participants and will be agreed upon individually. New dates will be announced on the TU Ilmenau Service GmbH website.


Duration of the Operational Competence Manager advanced training course

A 6-day face-to-face event (3 x 2 days)

Final colloquium (project presentation in front of all participants and lecturers)

21 days for a project paper, transfer services and adaptation to the operational circumstances

A minimum of three participants is necessary for carrying out the work in small groups.



The certificate course costs €3,000.00 per participant for all 5 modules and the supervision of the operational project paper (ROI for the sending organization). This includes the effective VAT, course documents, lunch and drinks during the course.