Developing and realizing competences for engineers


Profile of Kontouring

  • Workshop series to learn about competences and experience them
  • Customized events in an engineering context
  • Transparency of individual strengths and weaknesses in the orientation landscapes
  • Self-organization
  • Methodical expertise "INGlernen"
  • Problem-solving capabilities
  • Combining competence development and understanding of performance
  • Training method application
  • Service for developing individual plans for competence development


The exprobico experts

  • Organize the events with you
  • Work on your specific scenarios for target courses and target audiences
  • Accompany workshop participants in a sustainable way using personal feedback
  • Give new impulses for thinking and acting competently in an engineering framework


The exprobico core team

Anne Grökel M.A. Anne Grökel M.A.
Prof. Dr. Gudrun Frank Prof. Dr. Gudrun Frank
Dr. Barbara Schmidt-Prestin Dr. Barbara Schmidt-Prestin

Benefits of kontouring

  • Providing students and engineering-oriented target groups with the competence for conscious engineering actions in and with complex systems
  • Efficiently designed course processes
  • Solving scientific and engineering tasks using competences and precision measures
  • Learning about and experiencing one’s own "competence strength"
  • Consciously improved university and work results
  • Enthusiastic and sustainably competence-oriented participants
  • Learning to recognize strengths and weaknesses of team performance